Monday, March 13, 2017

Tater Chips

I have never made my own potato chips..
But recently I have decided that I do not want to buy any more processed food...
That all sounded wonderful until I realized that I could not have potato chips anymore...
Ahhhh... Imagine a life without chips... HOW SAD WOULD THAT BE!!!
So I did some searching and found that it not that hard to make your own.

Step 1.... Using a mandoline on the thinnest setting.. cut about 4 potatoes.
Step 2...  Soak potatoes for 30 minutes in water and salt.

Step 3.... Dry potatoes COMPLETELY with a towel, they need to dry so that they wont splatter in the oil.
Step 4...  Heat a pot of oil to 350

Step 5..  Lay out paper towels or a towel to put the hot cooked chips on to drain from grease..
Step 6..... Carefully add a handful of potatoes to the hot oil, do not over crowd.

 Step 7... Cook about 3-4 minutes until Crispy!!
Step 8.. drain and salt
Step 9............... EAT THEM ALL!!