Thursday, August 17, 2017

MAC Satin Pink Lipstick

I am such a lipstick junkie!!!
I buy lipstick way more than I should!!!

Here is a MAC lipstick.. the color is Satin Pink

I know lipstick and think of myself as a connoisseur after decades of searching for the "perfect" lipstick that's not too thick, stays in place without feathering, wears for hours without refreshing needed, and maintains the integrity of color in the tube. Mac offers this in there Satin line of lipsticks which are by far the best on the market. A tube with daily use lasts in excess of six months due to the richness and stability of color that lasts for hours. I then found my "signature" color in the pink. Mac offers such a variety of beautiful colors that no matter what your "signature" color is....they will have a lipstick for it that will become a must on your vanity as well as your cosmetic pouch in your purse. I've tuned some friends in to this little secret and cannot tell you how grateful they are. There's a lot of bang for the buck with this tube of lipstick! I won't wear anything else.......I will go without lipstick first.

If you want one, you can get yours MAC STORE.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Lime Crime Lipsticks

OMG I am so in love...
I am a totally lippie junkie and I love to pick shiny colors but never on my lips...

I mean come on ..... How fabulous is this!!!!
They have several colors to choose from and Poshmark has a great sale!!

This color is called Trip and it is so beautiful.
It is super easy to apply and stays on forever!!
I wore this for 7 hours with out a touch up!!!

You can get your own here!!
Let me know what color you get!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Birthday Swap Box

I am running a swap group where we pick theme's and partners and we shop for each other/
This last swap was a Birthday Box swap where we send our partner things she would like for her birthday.....
                                                           Pretty Box
                                                          MMMMM, I love nuts and jerky.

                                                               I love beauty items.

                                                 Bath Bombs and smellies :)

                                                          That wallet is adorbs!

                                              What a cute trinket box.

                                                            How I love anchors and cruising stuff.

                                                          Perfect for my next vacation.