Wednesday, August 13, 2014

EZ Pockets!!! Hand held cherry Pies

My granny gave me these pans and I am excited because I love pies and things that you can eat and hold in your hand!!!
I decided to make chocolate and cherry, Here is what you need for the cherry!!!

It was really easy.. First Roll out your bottom dough ( make sure it is at room temperature) and
put a little flour on your foil or counter and a little on your rolling pin.

Next place your dough over the pan and gently pat the dough into the pockets. if you have any tears then just mash it back together.
Add your filling, I used chocolate pudding in my first ones and cherry pie filling here! Who doesn't love cherry pie filling YUM!!!
Then roll out the top dough and place it on top of the pies

Using the roller, put it in one of the grooves that are on the pan and roll hard and in one motion over the grooves... DO it around the pockets and then around the pan, take off excess dough!!
Then beat an egg with a little water and brush over top crust, this will give you a beautiful brown color on your pie!!!
Bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until golden brown!!!
After they cooled I removed from pan and then mixed a little powdered sugar and milk together to make a simple glaze and then ENJOY!!!

These were great!! A great way to make a hand held pie. Now it was a little time consuming but it was well worth it!! I made 6 cherry pies and 6 chocolate pies and they were gone in less than an hour!!!

I hope you will go and get one of these and try it out for yourself!!

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