Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Well today has been a bust for me. My kid's are too old for Halloween, they are all actually at work. The Husband and I are watching tv and I am entering sweepstakes that end tonight. I really miss the days when we had small kids and could take them trick or treating, hanging out with other families. I used to love the cool weather and seeing the kids all happy about getting some candy!! I felt like a begger but it is GREAT.
Carving pumpkins are cool but the offsrping does not want to do that anymore either.
I just do not know where the time has gone.
We moved 3 years ago and since then we have not had one single trick or treater even though we live in a busy neighborhood.
We live at the end and no one wants to come down that far. I am super sad about today.
Here is this years pumpkin in the dark.. it looks almost invisible, just like I feel down here at the end of the neighborhood!!
Man, I just need some grand babies!!! 
No grand babies yet!!!
I hope that you all have an amazing Halloween!!!
Stay warm and Safe

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  1. Aw, that's crummy that you don't get any trick or treaters at your place! I guess it means more candy for you!