Sunday, October 26, 2014

Remodia Wine Aerator

I have always wanted to be a red wine drinker but never really understood how to drink it.
I was lucky enough to get a Wine Aerator from Remodia.
So I went and got me a sweet bottle of wine.

When you get the aerator it comes packaged in a stylish box and includes the wine aerator, a convenient stand, a set of instructions and a handy travel pouch to take it with you where ever you go.
How it works..
The umbrella-shaped aeration component expands your wine, exposing it to the mazimum amount of air possible as it flows over, around and under the wine. This allows the win to mix with the air and changes the taste to a softer, more enjoyable and palatable experience.

I bought a bottle of wine I had tried before and I did not put in in the fridge, I left it out at room temperature and then used the aerator and I was really surprised. The wine tasted really fresh, it had a lighter taste like white wine.. I was pretty shocked about the difference.
I am so excited to start picking out red wines and using this aerator.
I am going to try them with white too!!!
If you want to start enjoying wine the way it was meant to you can get this Aerator on Amazon here.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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