Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby Footprint Kit

Awe, I love babies. Doesn't everyone!!
This is a GREAT gift for any new mom!!!
 Take your babys hand or footprints safely from home with these non-toxic, lead and latex free, infant safe ink print kits. Perfect for baby book, baby frames, scrapbooks, photo albums, and home-made newborn birth announcements. Works on most papers and porous surfaces. Our premium quality ink strips pick up every fine detail of baby's print and resist fading over the years. Use more ink for very dark prints and less for lighter prints. Can be used for older children and adults too -- just apply multiply times to cover entire surface of hand or foot. Easy wipe off ink is perfect for great looking, archive quality prints that won't fade over time. Great prints.  A must have for every new baby regisgtry.
Super easy to use!!! I am giving these out to all my new moms!!!
I would suggest that you lotion your babies feet or hand first so that the ink will come off easier.
You can use it over and over again.
What we did was do about 25-30 pages on one side and then we folded them over and used them for Thank you cards to those that came to the baby shower.
You can find these here.
I received this for free in exchange for my honest review.


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