Monday, January 5, 2015

2 in 1 Salt and Pepper Grinder

I have always liked to use a pepper grinder when I cook. I actually find a real difference in the taste of fresh ground pepper and the kind you buy already ground at the store. The Fresh ground is so much bolder and you can taste it a lot more than the powdered kind. Grinding your own salt is great too because you use less and get a lot of flavor out. This grinder is super stylish!! It is a great addition to any kitchen! I totally love how it looks and the tube is clear so you can actually see the salt and pepper in the grinder.
I did receive this for free in exchange for my review :)

Built for more flavor and fewer turns, the Kuisiware Salt & Pepper Mill features a ceramic mechanism for smooth operation, finesse and quality.
• Modern, stylish design with stainless steel accents and high-quality clear acrylic body that lets you know when to refill
• Very easy to refill and clean
• Smooth operation with many grades of grinding thanks to high-performing ceramic grinding mechanism

Once you open the box and use it for the first time, you will ADORE this grinder.
It not only takes less space on your counter, but having the both salt and pepper in the same container makes it very handy and a pleasure to use when cooking.

You will love to show it off at your next dinner party, guaranteed!
• The grinder comes with caps to prevent round circles of pepper or salt, leaving your countertops nice and clean
• Holds plenty of salt and pepper to last you for a long time (1.2oz of each)
• Easy to adjust grinding, from very fine to nice and coarse


  1. I have never seen a combo grinder like this one. I really like it!!

  2. I love using grinders and this one is awesome! I have never seen one like it!

  3. Wow, I have not seen a double grinder before. I need a new grinder, as mine died a couple weeks ago and I have been using a mortar and pestle and it is a pain!