Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chinese Lanterns~~ Review

Chinese Lanterns are an amazing to use for weddings and parties :) They are super easy to use!!! I could not believe the difference they made in my New Year's Eve party!!!

They are super easy to put together!!! Be very careful with the wire so that you do not tear the beautiful white paper that the lantern is made from!!!
You can hang these anywhere. They are great to use with some little LED lights as well.
It makes them shine!!
These lanterns would be positively amazing for weddings and any party that you want to add some beautiful decorations and flare too!!
I am going to save these and hopefully use them for more parties!! 
The ways you can use them are endless and if you take care of them they will last you awhile!!!Each pack comes with an Ebook that is a GREAT bonus!!!!

No party should be without these..
You can find these lanterns here.
I received these for free in exchange for my review!!!!


  1. I love these lanterns!!! They bring something special to any party!!

  2. THANK YOU!!! I am so excited. I am helping my friend plan her wedding and I have been trying to find a lighting option. We were thinking white Christmas lights behind some fabric, but these lanterns are perfect!!

  3. We love Chinese lanterns.. we use them just as regular decorations. My 13 year old loves them.

  4. These are beautiful and I would so put them in my bedroom and my nieces room she has been enchanted with lanterns since that Tangled movie and I think she would get a kick out of them. As long as she knew there was no candy in them if she hits them down. Lol

  5. Hello! I love Chinese lanterns! As I'm decorating my apartment, I'm thinking of hanging a few in my bedroom. So pretty! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. These are great for regular home decor as well. I love large chinese lanterns for corners spaces.