Thursday, February 12, 2015

Measurepro Programmable Cooking Thermometer

I have found the perfect thermometer for my inside oven!!! I have found the perfect thermometer for my grill!! We grill in the winter and summer!! it sure does not matter to us!!! The MeasuPro Digital Cooking thermometer will imbue you with the utmost confidence to create the perfect dishes. It is designed to make food preparations simple. Peeking into the oven to check the doneness of the food you are cooking or baking is inconvenient and causes the oven temperature to lower drastically. With the MeasuPro Digital Cooking Thermometer there is no need for that. You can select from the list of pre-programmed meats and choose from the four levels of doneness according to your taste: rare, medium rare, medium, and well done. The thermometer will beep three different times at three different stages. The first alert is once the temperature gets close to the pre-set temperature, the second alert is once the food reaches the recommended temperature, and the last alert is when the food exceeded its recommended temperatures. You can also set a food to your desired temperature. All you need to do is slide the alert button on the side screen. The current temperature will be displayed. You can then set your desired temperature. Stick the long 36 inch probe into the center of the food, slide the alert button on the side screen, and close the oven door, or your grill. The thermometer probe's cable diameter is small enough to allow it to be closed in an oven door or even your grill without creating a heat leak. It has and extra wide measuring range of 32°F to 392°F. Reading are accurate and precise so you can rely on it. Features a LCD display with large size digits. MeasuPro is intent on reducing worries... and flopped dinners!
Super easy to use and I have never had a better thermometer than this one!!
I am amazed at how easy it is to use and how accurate it is!!!
I will never use another thermometer besides this one!!!
If you would like to get one of these you can buy them from Amazon here.

I received this in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


  1. This is really nice! I bet it would come in handy on Thanksgiving when making a huge turkey!