Monday, August 22, 2016

3D Fiber Lashes

You know we all want fuller longer lashes...
At least I know I do!!

I have finally found an excellent product!!!
Have you ever wanted long beautiful lashes without having to get falsies?
Then grab up some of this Fiber Lash.
It is so easy to use!!! It comes with 2 tubes. Step 1 and Step 2
I do one eye at a time. Make sure you use a lash comb to separate the lashes before you start to avoid clumping. You can also use your eyelash curler before you start to go ahead and curl the lashes that you already have. I find that it makes them easier to blend in.
These lashes are buildable so when you start you use the comb and add some lashes, check and see how long they are and if not long enough just reapply. Be very careful that you do not poke yourself in the eye with the brushes!!
MAKE sure that you use step 2 because step 2 makes sure to seal with the transplanting gel.
YOU want to remember to wash your face every night and make sure that you wash off the lashes, you do not want to go to sleep and get one in your eye. Also they get all over the pillow while you are tossing and turning,

Want your own??? You can get your's Amazon.

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