Monday, August 29, 2016

ZMODO Security camera

These days everyone needs a security camera.
For a long time I did not think that I needed one....
But we smoke outside and so we have a large ashtray for cigarette butts.
Someone has been coming on our porch and stealing the butts!!
It is super scary because our bedroom window is right next to the front porch where apparently someone is coming up on at night when we go to sleep.
SO I got this amazing camera!!!
Yippee!! I can finally see what goes on in the front of the house!!
This Zmodo WIFI Wireless Smart Security camera is great!!!.
It is really small so you can hide it better than the big ones.

When you get your camera you need to set it up before use.. There is a ZMODO app that you need to download.
Once you get that downloaded on your phone you can set up the camera.Just follow the simple instructions included in the box, which will just have you pair your wireless home internet with the camera. It is very easy, just let your phone search for new devices, that is what I did.
When the option comes up just click it and let it connect to your wifi, you will see this process happening on your cell phone while it is happening.

Now you are ready... Just hang your camera wherever you want to have the security work. It comes with a little base that attaches to the wall or wherever with just a few screws and then the camera just attaches on there.
Then you are ready.... You can watch from your phone live OR you can choose to get alerts whenever something comes into view of the camera.
I have plugged this inside and outside. The outside is a little trickier because if you get some strong winds or stray animal come by the system will alert you!! Which is funny cause mine actually captured a squirrel looking at the camera!!!
Inside works great as well!! I put mine in the living room and aimed it at the front door so I can see who is coming and going from the back of the house!!

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