Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dirt Devil Pet Vacuum

I got a new pet vacuum and OMG it is the best thing I have ever used!!

Do you have pet hair everywhere? I do.. My dog Bella is really shedding off that winter coat!!
This vacuum will change your life!! It has gotten up so much pet hair my carpet actually looks newer!
 Not only does it do carpet it does hard surfaces too, I have done tile,
wood floors and concrete.. This baby is easy to push, easy to use and easy to store!!
It comes with attachments so that you can do the stairs and the ceilings as well.
It is easy to empty and easy to put back together!! It has a really long cord and the base can be taken apart so that you can just hold the can and the hose!!
I know that I am going to love this vacuum for a really long time!

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