Monday, October 6, 2014

Fair Foods

Oh How I cannot wait for the fair to come around every year. I love to go and walk around and eat!!
Oh I know it is so super unhealthy but I do not care!!!
I will diet all year if I have to!!
I will start with the corn dogs!!! The best thing EVER!!!
The regular Foot Long
 The Captain Crunch Corn Dog
 The bacon wrapped corn dog with bacon pieces and syrup
Oh how amazing they were!! I could eat Fair corn dogs everyday if I thought I would not have a heart attack!!!
Oh now the alligator bites and the shark bites!! Now these were good but the shark was a little fishy tasting and the alligator was a little tough but they both had a great flavor!!!
Here is the Alligator
 Here is the shark!!

The best best best best thing at our fair is a Rib Eye Steak Sandwich.. It is so super tender and grilled to perfection!! You do not need anything on it but some BBQ sauce and here in Oklahoma we eat Head Country!! I could eat 100 of these sammies!!!
Now the last 2 things I got on this day was some cotton candy.. which you can NEVER leave the fair without grabbing a bag on the way out!!!
And fresh cut Potatos with cheese................ YUMMY the ooooey cheese is a MUST have with these deep fried wonders!!!
We had a few other things at the fair but sometimes you forget to take pictures cause they are so good!!
Do you go to your state Fair every year and if you what do you eat??
Oh I was soooooooooooooooooooo full and so ready for a nap!!
We did walk 13000 steps and almost 8 miles during this day so I am hoping that we wore off all the calories that we took in!!!


  1. Wow, that all looks very yummy!!!

  2. Looks yummy! I haven't had a good fair corndog in a long time