Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Coosh Products` Upper Arm Blood Pressure Cuffs

I have been lucky enough to be able to get these 2 products free in exchange for my honest review.......
Coosh has just introduced two new upper arm blood pressure monitors that offer large LCD screens, heart rate, and up to 90 memory readings. I have always used the wrist one but I will tell you that I love the arm one more because I feel like I am getting a better reading than from any of the other ones I have gotten. .

They have come out with two different models. They are very similar and only differ by the memory readings and one offers a carrying case. Here is a breakdown:

This automatic BP monitor is very small, compact, portable and very easy to use. It automatically inflates to the appropriate level.

The Coosh Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor has a clear large LCD screen that displays hypertension levels with big lettering. The cuff is comfortable and it fits a lot of arm circumferences. 
I used it on my husband, myself and my 7 year old nephew. I was surprised at how it did just as great with a big giant arm and with a little small one.

The date and time is displayed on the screen with color coded hypertension levels. It comes with a carry bag and I love that because when I go on vacation I can take it with me.

It can store up to 90 blood pressure readings.

It comes with a carrying bag and a user manual.

Here is the other one...............
It is almost like the top one... They preform the same function only one is smaller than the other one.
They both take come really adequate readings and both are able to save those readings!!!
You can find the top one Here.
You can pick up the bottom one here.
If you have Amazon Prime you can get these in 2 days and the shipping is free!!!

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