Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Zealmer 3 in 1 Ring

I ordered this ring in a size 7....
It came in a cute little box and the size is perfect!! I have a wonderfully snug fit ring that is super beautiful!!
This 3 in 1 18k white Gold plated Marquee cut cubic Zirconia cz Sapphire crystal Bridal set is really adorable.
3 rings that are meant to be worn together but if you wanted to wear the center one alone it is beautiful all by itself.
I love how shiny it is in the sunlight... Now looking up closely it does not look really expensive but when you are out and you have it on
it looks amazing.... I love how each side to the center diamond fits perfectly as a 3 piece band set.
The prongs are really help set this piece together and I love how the prongs do not get caught on my clothing like some other rings do.

It is very easy to clean and every time you clean it you will get them shiny Zirconia's to brighten back up.
Although I would not wear this every day, It is beautiful to wear when you are going out and it looks great on special occasions.
After an 8 hour wear the ring did not change colors and it did not leave any discoloration on my finger which is a good sign for a well made piece of costume jewelry.

I wore this to a party Last weekend and I got a lot more compliments then I expected to... I had to tell everyone where to get one of their own.
If you are looking for a really great piece of costume jewelry to add to your collection this is a perfect piece.
Want one? Get your's here!!!
I wanna see yours!! Post below!!

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