Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ship Wheel Decorations

I have been redoing my living room.
I want my room to look like I am traveling to an exotic beach or relaxing on a cruise!!
I was looking on Amazon and found this really cute ship Wheel..
Now it is not as big as I thought it would be but it is adorable anyways!!
I am totally into nautical items right now as I am totally addicted to cruising!! Hahahahhaa
SO I decided that I was going to make my living room look like I was on vacation.... At least when I am not on a ship or on a beach I can at least dream about it from my living room.
This Helm Wheel Ornament is the perfect addition to the things that I already have.

I was surprised that it was not as big as I thought that it was.. When you order make sure you realize that the measurements are in cm.. so it is about 9x9.
It is still adorable!! It is very lightweight and so it makes it easier to hang.
I love the bright colors and the decorations on the wheel are very beachy!!
This looks perfect hanging up with a bunch of other beach or ship type items!!
This would look perfect if you are also doing your bathroom in nautical items.

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