Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bellmain Grinder

I am such a coffee lover!!
Do you all like Coffee? Can you make it just one day without it??
I dont even think I could make it one hour!! Hahahahahhaa
Coffee is in my veins!! I bleed coffee!!
I like to have my beans fresh ground!!
I am telling you that if you grind your beans fresh everyday it will change your life!!!
Finally!! A coffee grinder that meet's ALL my needs in one!!
I was super excited to get this grinder in the mail!!
This grinder features 17 setting's... Every setting you need to make a wonderful cup of joe!!! You can change your mind as often as you want and only have to use this one grinder!!!!

You can grind 2 to 14 cups of coffee beans in this grinder and the amount you grind depends on the setting you use!!
All you have to do is lift the lid and pour your whole coffee beans inside, place the lid back on and then set your grinder setting!!!
Never move the setting while grinding..
It is so easy to grind, just one button to push and it starts grinding away...It also shuts off automatically which I love because I am bad about remembering to turn things off at 4 am when I am trying to get my cup of coffee!!!

if you have the wrong setting then stop grinding and change it... Also if your beans get stuck, and sometimes they will make sure you stop grinding and then tap the grinder so the beans fall back to the bottom.

I have used several of these settings and each one works great. I love how easy it is to clean. it comes with a little brush that you can brush the leftover grinds out of the grinder.... NEVER put your grinder in water!! I have used different brands of beans for this grinder without washing the machine inbetween and have not had any issues.

I am going to purchase another one of these and use them for dry herbs!! I think it would be amazing to grind your dry herbs up fresh!!!

Want one of these Bellmain Grinders?? You can get one here!!!!

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