Monday, August 8, 2016

Flameless Candles

What a cute set of candles!!!!
They are actually made of wax and I think that makes them look way more authentic.
Each candle needs 2AA Batteries so make sure you have some on hand for when these cuties come in the mail.
I ordered these candles so that I could have something romantic in the house. These candles totally give that romantic feel.

You will get 5 candles and a remote control with your order. The heights of the candles are 4" , 5" , 6" , 7" and 8".
The nice thing about that is you can rearrange these candles so many ways to make a wonderful centerpiece or a room split with candles.

The first time I used these candles I put them on a tray in the middle of the dining room table when I hosted a dinner party.
These candles are controlled with a remote that allows you to change the way they light up. You can either have the little wicks move by themselves or you can have them move and then flicker at the same time. You can also control how bright or dim the candles are for whatever event you are having.
For the dinner party I had them on low and just flickering. I received so many comments about how adorable they were.

I also placed them in my bedroom before bedtime and used each one in a different spot in the room, I had them all flickering and they just made the room look so inviting and peaceful!!!!
These would be great in the bathroom when you are relaxing in a wonderful bath or even a shower.
You don't have to worry about catching them on fire!!
Just remember that even though they are wax, you cannot burn them!! DO not try and burn them!!!

The remote also comes with settings so that you can schedule how long they burn, when they turn on and when they turn off!!
So easy to use and the settings make it to where you can set them and not have to worry about forgetting to turn them off or even on if you are in a rush!!

Want a set of your own?
You can get them here

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