Friday, September 2, 2016

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanatizer

I am a chronic hand washer. I bet I wash my hands 75 times a day.
I do not know why I now have a OCD about clean hands!! I am so worried about everything I touch!!
Hahahaha!! It is terrible!! But anyways... These Bath and Body works sanitizers are amazing....
I found an assortment of 10 so that you can try A LOT of them before you buy the big ones!!
Look at all them choices!! Whoop Whoop!!!
When I got mine I did not get to pick the 10 that I got and that was fine I really like to be surprised anyway!!!
I am now hooked and I love to go to Bath and Body works and pick out the big ones!!!
If you want these little trial ones you can check them out on Amazon Here.

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