Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Christmas Light String Houses

I am a Christmas FREAK!! I love everything about Christmas!! I love anything that lights up so these were right up my alley!!!
These lights are 4ft long and there 10 little houses that light up.

When you get these you will have to get 2 AA batteries.
Starting with the end with the batteries start to unwind the cord so that they all loosen up.
Add your batteries and turn on the switch!! There ya go!! These are so easy to turn on. Very easy to hang up and use.

I also like how you can add these to a Christmas Village. It would be very easy to set these on a shelf with some white puffy layers around so that they look like snow. You could add some trees or any type of decoration around them and make the whole thing look like a little village for Christmas!!
If you did not want to use them for Christmas they would be very good to make a country house design if that is how you decorate!!
These would also be very easy to paint if you wanted to make them stand out more!!!!

Want a set for yourself? You can get them here.

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