Thursday, September 8, 2016

Color Changing light bulb

 All I can say is AWESOME!!
I really like this color changing bulb.
At my house I always like to have a colored bulb on the porch for the holidays.. I would buy red for Christmas, Green for St Patty's Day.. Pink for Valentines day.. NOW I dont have to anymore.
This one bulb takes care of every holiday with every color I could ever want!.
This bulb was very easy to install into any light fixture. I tried it in several inside the house and I also tried it outside and it seems to fit into any standard light socket. It is bigger than regular light bulbs so you might not be able to put the cover back onto your light fixture where you have this installed.
This light comes with 9 colors and they lighten and darken. Even the white regular comes in light and dark.
The remote is very easy to use and it also comes with a timer.. You can set it for as little as 1 hour and as long as 24 hours which is great because I would like to have this outside and I can set the timer for dusk and then to dawn so that it is only on when it is dark out side!!
I love how easy this is to install and use and I would love to get a couple more of these for the rest of the house!!
 Look at how cool this new light is!!

I cannot wait until the holidays so that I can use this outside!!!!
Want one of your own? Get yours here.

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